Ear Surgery

Many people suffer from oversized or oddly shaped ears, which is generally a result of one of the folds of the ear cartilage not completely developing.  This condition can hinder self-confidence in both children and adults.

What is Ear Surgery?

Ear Surgery, or Otoplasty surgery, is a surgical procedure in which the cartilage of the ear is restructured to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

*The Procedure

A surprisingly simple procedure, Ear Surgery is performed under local anesthesia in the office. In most cases, depending on desired results, Dr. Dillon will make small incisions to the earlobe, in the cartilage, or behind the earlobe. Corrections will be made and excess skin will be removed before the incisions are closed.

*Post Surgery

Patients must wear a wrap around the head to protect the ears as they heal and set. After 4-5 days, the wrap is removed, however, the patient will need to sleep with a band around their head for two weeks. At the 6-week mark, patients may return to normal activity. Recovery for this procedure is relatively quick. Patients often return to work within a week.

*Benefits of Otoplasty

Otoplasty may improve cosmetic concerns, such as:

  • Balancing out ears
  • Proportion ears to the rest of the facial features
  • Disfigurement
  • Ear position on the head
  • Improves confidence and self-esteem

Candidates for Ear Surgery:

  • Should be in good health
  • Should have reasonable expectations
  • Should not smoke or take blood-thinning medications.

Ear Surgery can restore confidence, self-esteem, and quality of life to patients who have suffered from ear irregularities such as protruding ears, enlarged earlobes, and asymmetric or misplaced ears. Dr. Dillon’s goal is to conduct Ear Surgery procedures that produce beautiful, natural results.

For more information about this treatment, or to schedule your consultation, please contact our office.

*Individual results may vary.