*“I think Dr. Dillon is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. He was instrumental in the reconstruction of my abdominal area after I had gastric bypass surgery and numerous infections. I was opened up every time I had an infection, over time I had broken down muscles and a lot of scar tissue. Dr. Dillon and my other Dr. fixed hernias and rebuilt my entire abdominal wall. I had a past history of infections and he knew it was possible afterwards and worked hard to keep the possibilities down , but he never gave up on me and was always there for me when I had a problem. He was always kind, professional and his staff was courteous. He never left me waiting for long periods of time . Thanks to Dr. Dillon and my other Dr. I have a new life. I will always be indebted to Dr. Dillon.”

Linda S.

*“Very impressed with Dr. Dillon. He took his time to explain my entire procedure to me and my husband and answered all the questions we both had. I can’t wait to get my procedure done at the end of January, I have all the confidence I need with Dr. Dillon!”

Paige J.

*“Friendly, courteous, explained things adequately, showed concern, I was included in my care, adequate information was given, instructions for follow up was given, I had adequate time and the doctor used words that I could understand.”

Claire V.

*“Dr. Dillon was very professional and was able to help without leaving a noticeable scar. I’m am very pleased.”


*”Dr Dillon is the nicest, most caring Dr I have ever had experience with. My father was the dean of a medical school so I have met and worked with many doctors. They were nice or okay but not nearly as caring as dr D. He stays in touch with me through phone calls or text to make sure I’m healing well and if I’m happy. He is top notch and an expert at plastic surgery. If you are lucky to have him as your doctor you will be pleasantly surprised. I can’t believe any of the negative reviews. They are the opposite of my experience with him in every way.”

Rebecca B.

*”I saw Dr. Dillon for a pilonidal cyst removal. From my first appointment to the follow up appointments, Dr. Dillon and his staff were first rate. I was treated extremely well by him, the surgery center, and the office staff. Dr. Dillon took time to explain the procedure, the recovery, and the cause of the condition. I would highly recommend Dr. Dillon; his caring personality/bedside manner and overall attentiveness to not only the procedure, but the patient as a whole, are just some of the few reasons I’d recommend him.”

Dan P.

*”Dr. Dillon is an excellent surgeon !! I have had issues with thin skin and he has done awesome work ! I have known him for 12 years. he has always been very polite and funny with great understanding. My problems were very serious and he was always there for me no matter what! He has performed many different surgeries on me . I even went to other doctors for a second opinion and they could not match his surgical skills. I would highly recommend him for plastic surgery of any type. He is a caring doctor with a big heart.”

Darlene Rubo

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